Stop Working Harder!

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Stop working so hard!

The last few posts were from notes I took from the book “Do Less, Achieve More.” Here are some concluding thoughts for today.

1. Working harder is not always the answer!

2. If you don’t seem to be making headway, step back and re-evaluate what you are trying to accomplish.

3. Get aligned and in the flow (through meditation and prayer).

4. Tune into your inner wisdom (through dreamwork, meditation, and inner wisdom). Get crystal clear on WHAT you are doing and WHERE you are going. When that happens, the next step will be obvious.

5. Get support from others if you need it. Outsource some of your work – bookkeeping, writing, cleaning, household errands, shopping. Ask family and friends to help you – watch children, walk dog, pack up shipping.

6. Take a break – a vacation, an in-home sabbatical, a cleaning frenzy even – will provide a mental break from your current project/goal and provide fresh insight when you come back to it.

7. During your break, ask Divine Energy to sort it out for you and then let it go. You might be surprised at the answer/next step waiting for you when you return from your break!