Change Your Life

Do You Want To Be A Prisoner Or a Pioneer

Nobody Is Going To Come Save You

There’s a Turning Point in Your Life

Set Fire to Your Old Self. It’s Not Needed Here.

Incredible Change can Happen in Your LIfe

You Don’t Have a Right to the Cards You Think You Should Have Been Dealt

Forget Everything. Open the Windows.

You’ve Got A Lot of Choices

Don’t Finish Crappy Books

Never Despair.

Success Isn’t a Result of Spontaneous Combustion

You Do What You Want

This Moment in Time is a Door

I Want to have Something to Say about my own Destiny

Make Yourself Do Unpleasant Things

The Tighter You Cling to Your Current Identity, the Harder it is to Grow Beyond It

Don’t Worry if People Think You are Crazy