How to Know When to Take Action and When to Stay Still

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Stay in the present with meditation. Meditation trains you to stay in the present, allowing work and play to fuse effortlessly. Meditation will increase your intuition which will allow you to know when to take action and when to wait.

Two Effective Tools to Use to Stay in the Present:

1. Meditation allows you to access a storehouse of creativity, a fount of wisdom and knowledge that resides within you.

2. Intuition is uncovered through the practice of meditation.

Prepare for Meditation by wearing silk (enhances spiritual energy) and sitting on a wool pad (will insulate from the distractions of the earth’s energy). Have a regular place for meditation and prayer.

How to Meditate:

1. Be in a spirit of silence.

2. Focus on a single object or a single idea.

3. Take a long deep breathe.

4. Exhale.

5. Rapidly inhale and exhale 12x through the nose.

6. Begin a period of deep meditation.

7. Close your eyes.

8. Watch your breath as it goes in and out of your body.

9. Be aware of the space between breaths. This space is the portal to the mystery of the universe.

10. Sit for 5 – 60 minutes daily.