Stop Reacting and Start Creating Your Reality.

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Fine tune your mind to shield yourself and stop reacting to the emotions of the people around you.

You react to protect yourself but when your main modus operandi is that of reaction, you lose control.

When you react, you have lost your vision, taken your sights off the big picture.


1. Be the actor AS WELL as the director. Perform your part but anticipate the lines before they occur ( as the director) and direct the actor (you).

2. Recenter yourself by going back to the Divine Source through meditation, prayers, mantras.

3. Replay the scene. When you find that you have over-reacted, replay the entire scene in your head. Repeat what should have happened, what you should have said, over and over until you have memorized that reaction and made it second nature.

4. Create a restful place within yourself. Take time to meditate and recenter yourself. Be able to go there when you find yourself about to react.

Notes from the book “Do Less, Achieve More.”