Let Go by Letting Go

Abstract 2018. Iphone 6plus.

We come to the end of my notes on “Do Less, Achieve More.” Our final thoughts are just on letting go.

Our mind is like a computer disk, full of traces of information. These traces are called samskaras in Sanskrit or “karmic impressions.”

The samskaras have all of the karmic impressions you have gathered from thousands of lifetimes before. They hold your ancestral and genetic memory.

The more you dwell on something, the more it will appear in your life. So stop the bad themes and dwell on good themes.


It all sounds so simple and easy for me to say.

Remember that Jesus is the ultimate warrior and is fighting your battles. Let go and let Jesus do the fighting.


1. Fine tune your action plan (prioritize, cut out excess, be efficient, get help).

2. Put your mind at ease (meditate and pray).

3. Tap into Divine Energy (meditate, trust your intuition, give it to God, let go).

Practice the three steps above and release the law of synchronicity into your life.

People and opportunities will begin appearing. Everything will come together at just the right time in just the right way to achieve the desired outcome.