Success Is Not Free

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Faith without works is dead. James 2:26

Success is never free. You have to pay for it with whatever coin is in your pocket.

You must be willing to trade what you have for what you want.

What are you willing to give up for what you want?

What can you give up?

Possibilities include:

Watching television,

Going to the movies,

Spending time with family and friends,

Going shopping,

Going on vacation,

Spending time at the bar with friends,

Engaging in hobbies,

Eating out,

Spending time on social media,

And so much more.

You see, the list is endless of things we can give up.

The point is – we will have to give up something we like and enjoy in order to have ROOM for the good that we really want.

You have to Pay for Success-

You will need strength and energy for success so give up television and lift weights instead.

You need knowledge and business acumen for success so attend online classes and seminars instead of meeting friends at the bar.

Writing a successful business proposal might mean that you give up your weekend with the family.

Life is a series of tradeoffs. Is the sacrifice now worth it or should you wait a few years? You have to decide.