Surrender For Your Destiny Reveal

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When you are 50 years old, you should know your destiny.” – Confucius

Here is how to realize your destiny. But first stuff has to happen. Once you have:

1. Lived a long time,

2. Made lots of mistakes,

3. Suffered bitter disappointments,

4. Obtained wisdom from these experiences, and

5. Surrendered to your fate

After all that – at that point – your destiny will be revealed and only then will it be revealed.

Destiny Reveals Itself In Three Phases:

1. You are dissatisfied with life.

2. There is a turning point – something happens – perhaps Fate has shoved your face in the dirt about something. This is your wakeup call!

3. You realize that everything up to this point in your life has happened to lead you to your ultimate destiny and you surrender to your fate.

Three Steps to Surrender:

1. Desperation. You are desperate. Nothing you do is working. You can’t fix this.

2. Detachment. Become a witness. Detach from your current situation and simply watch it unfold.

3. Divine Surrender. “Thy will be done.” You see your destiny and do the tasks required without anxiety or desire. You realize that these actions are having a positive effect on you and others.

The Path to Accepting Your Destiny

1. Detach. “Drop the twin burdens of failure and success.” Neither one matter.

2. Walk through the Valley of Death. Watch and witness events happening around you but do not react.

3. Write. Write down your feelings.

4. Accept that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a purpose. Learn the lessons that have been sent to you.

5. Embrace your brokenness. Only when you are truly broken can the Light enter You and your True Destiny will be revealed.


1. Life is a school.

2. You have a series of lessons. If you fail a lesson, you will be doomed to repeat it through a series of people and events until you get it right.

3. Approach your situation with courage and fortitude knowing that this is a lesson.

4. Allow your petty desires to transform into your highest ideals.

5. Let the Divine guide you and your Destiny will be revealed.