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Remember You Will Die.

What would you do if you were already dead in your old life and had your entire new life to do with what you wished?

Fear of dying paralyzes us from accomplishing anything.

Be willing to NOT SURVIVE.

Be willing to face the worst consequences.

Death is not the end; it is the beginning of a new life.

If you are afraid about survival, you will makes many mistakes.

Afraid of death can also mean afraid of losing your job, going bankrupt, never getting married, snd so on.

Prepare for death in order to learn how to live.

What are we so afraid of? The list is long:

1. Afraid of making decisions,

2. Afraid of making commitments,

3. Afraid of taking risks,

4. Afraid of confrontation,

5. Afraid of making mistakes,

6. Afraid of life.

The idea of death can save you.

If you knew you were going to die in one year, but you still had to work, what would you do?

How Contemplating Death Creates Sense of Peace Within:

It keeps us focused on what is important.

It decreases our stress level.

It helps us cut the superfluous nonsense.

It puts problems in perspective.

It gets us in tune with our Creator.

It gives us the freedom to follow our true path, what it is we are here to do.

Every moment starts to matter.

It makes us fearless.

It break us out of our rut to experience life on a higher level.

Think of death as a vehicle to new possibilities, not as the end.

Taken from my notes from the book “Do Less, Achieve More.”

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