Do Less. Achieve More.

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“Do Less, Achieve More” is a book by Chin Ning Chu which tells the story of the Rainmaker. A village needed rain so contacted the Rainmaker to bring rain to the region.

The Rainmaker came and meditated for four days. After four days, the rain came.

He explained the process:

“I spent four days putting myself in harmony with the Divine. Then the rains came.”

If you are tired of struggling and chasing, put yourself in a state of Divine contemplation for a period of time. Release the effort to Divine Will of the Universe. Then be freed from effort.

The objective is to make rain, not put on a show.

Less is more:

1. Quit watching the water boil.

2. Focus your resources. Know what to give up and what to pursue.

3. Do not be motivated by fear and greed.

4. Do not spread yourself too thin.

5. Let Good Fortune find you.

6. Be content with where you are now because that is the only starting point you have but be pursuing loftier goals with zest and gratitude.

7. Wait patiently for the right time. Do not hurry your progress with decisions made in fear or impatience.

8. Manage yourself, not time.

9. Become familiar with how you work best.

10. State your priorities daily. What do you need to be doing today to further your plan?

11. Detect how you waste time and then stop doing it.

12. Use sleep to help you plan in the dream state. Every night think about what you accomplished that day, and determine what is the priority for the next day. Then let your dream state work it out.

13. Simplify your tasks where you can. Cut out the inessentials.

14. Get rid of paper clutter. Create three piles of paper – A, B, and C. A is important, B is less important, C is the least important. Every day deal with paper piles as much as you can. If it’s an A, deal with it! Every Sunday, throw away C, move B to C, move A to B.

15. Life is a series of tradeoffs. If you want success (money, fame, fortune), you will have to give up something (television, spending time with family, watching sports). Is it worth it to you?