Change Your Dreams, Change Your Life

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These are more notes from the book “Do Less, Achieve More.”

If you change the contents of your dreams, you can change your life.

Start Having Directed Dreaming:

1. Think outrageous thoughts to have outrageous dreams. Dream that you are making $50,000,000 a year, for example.

2. Adopt quantum thinking. Subatomic particles jump from one realm to another. They jump from a to b but never exist in c. Humans can jump like that, too.

3. The Author of the Universe is an outrageous thinker. You must embrace your inner outrageousness.

4. Live your dreams while you are awake so that you will dream about them at night. Think outrageous thoughts about your future. Have crazy outrageous daydreams.

6. Self correct your puny daydreams. Be bold, think BIG, go outrageous with your daydreams.

7. Review your dreams upon awakening. If it was positive, give yourself kudos for mastering the dream world. If not, replay the bad dream in your mind. Change it, rewrite it until you achieve the results you desire.

8. Direct yourself to dream the dreams you want to experience.

9. Before an electron can jump from a to b, it must absorb enough energy to make the leap and appear in a higher orbit.

10. So surround yourself in outrageously positive dream visions. Imagine that You are already living your outrageous dream. Daydream it to the fullest. Then jump from a to b!