Letting Go Doesn’t Mean That I Don’t Care Anymore

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It takes love to let go.

Letting go doesn’t mean that I don’t care anymore,

It means I can’t fix or do it for anyone else.

Letting go doesn’t mean that I’m smearing it,

It’s the realization that I give the other room.

Letting go is not making it impossible,

But allowing to learn from human consequences.

To let go is to admit powerlessness,

It doesn’t mean that I have no control over the results.

Letting go is not trying to change or blame someone else.

It is to make yourself the best you can be.

Letting go is not worrying, but caring.

Letting go is not judging, but allowing the other person to be human.

Letting go is not being in the center and controlling everything,

But the others make it possible to determine their own destiny.

Letting go is not protecting others from themselves,

It is allowing the other to face reality.

Letting go is not denying, but accepting.

Letting go is not putting everything in my hands, but taking each day as it comes.

And praising myself with it.

Letting go is not to criticize or regulate others,

But to become what I dream to be.

Letting go is not regretting the past,

But growing and living for the future.

Letting go is less fearing and more loving.

— Nelson Mandela

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