Do You

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Define yourself.

You are the only self you have so be sure that you know who you are and what you stand for.

Stop wasting time and money trying to be someone else or fit into someone else’s mold of who they think you ought to be.

You are unique. You are the only you in the whole world. You are the only you that will ever exist, in fact.

Define Yourself:

1. Write down your personal goals.

2. What is the big reason you were put here on earth? Write it down.

3. Who are you? Write it down.

Be honest.

List all the ways you are great. What are your strengths?

Write down what is important to you in life.

Call yourself a philosopher if you are searching for knowledge and truth, an artist if you have a passion for visual imagery, a writer if you blog or journal.

Ignore haters. Get on with your mission.

How to define yourself?

Define yourself by what you do. What is your passion? What is your favorite activity?

You may work at a job to pay the rent but that is not “what you do.” Einstein was a clerk in a patent office, a low stress job, while he solved the secrets of the universe when he went home.

What secrets are you discovering?

Money does not define you.

Success does not define you.

Other people do not define you.

You DEFINE you.

This is taken off of my notes from Eric Kim’s blog at . Eric Kim is a photographer, philosopher, teacher, and blogger.