Hack Your Toxic Motivators and Reclaim Your Life

Hope AZ taken with Iphone 6plus and Snapseed app

According to Chin-Ning Chu, “Do Less, Achieve More,” we all have four negative motivators which propel us to make hasty decisions and ruin our lives.

These four motivators are desire, anger, fear, and greed.

Desire goes to the dark side when we desire the wrong things – unethical yet high paying job, someone else’s spouse, money to obtain power over others. However, when our desires are in sync with God’s plan for our lives, we obtain happiness and satisfaction.

Anger sets in when our unhealthy desires do not get met. Getting mad is not anger. Anger is a seething, festering type of being mad. But channeling anger to change the situation – such as anger at unfair boss – propels you to look for a better job – is good.

Fear occurs because our unhealthy desires of absolute security have morphed into a plethora of “What Ifs” – what if I lose my job? What if she leaves me for another man? What if I die of cancer? What if I can’t pay my bills? Fear can be used to protect us – budget and organize our finances so we can pay our bills on time, treat our spouse with love and respect, and so on. Bad things will happen – we will get sick , loved ones die, a business goes under – but calculate the risk factors and come up with innovative solutions instead of wringing your hands.

Greed just for the sake of indulgence always ends badly – too much food, sex, money, alcohol as examples. Greed for wisdom, knowledge, and virtue, however, will benefit you and the community.

Start now to recognize unhealthy emotions or “motivators” in your life – turn your toxic motivators into a motivator for good.