Allow Yourself Riches

And by riches I mean not just money and wealth, but riches in family and friends, riches in health and well being, riches in having a good spiritual life, riches in being alive!

Giganticus on Route 66, Kingman Az 2019. Taken with iphone 6 plus in-camera app

Your mind has the capability to create heaven and hell for you as well as grow riches on earth.

Before we can experience the wealth that the world has to offer, we have to experience our own self worth within.

So many of us think we do not deserve wealth, a loving spouse, a nice job.

Before we can love a mate, we have to love ourselves.

As for financial wealth, Money grows in our mind, not on trees.

Always keep your mind attuned to the Divine. What is the Divine calling you to do? Listen and obey.