Turn Off The Drama This Thanksgiving

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You’re Wrong!

We live in a polarized world. We’re going to disagree. Sadly, we’ve all become so convinced that we’re right that we’re unable to carry on civilized conversations and listen to others’ perspectives. We used to be able to disagree and remain friends, but these days, that is often not the case.

I hereby declare this NO DRAMA THANKSGIVING. Simple rules: No drama. No politics. No vaccination debates. And nothing that’s going to destroy the purpose of being together.

If you have to post the rules on the door, so be it.

Of course, do what you wish. But think about this.

What if this is the last time you see your family? Do you want to spend it arguing?

Turn the Other Cheek

There are times when I feel like going to battle, but I bite my tongue. Quite simply, I don’t need to win and I’m unwilling to rock friendships because we are not in sync in some areas. Instead, I seek to find common ground we both love.

Life is too short (proven recently for far too many).

Embrace your differences.

Heal your wounds.

Forgive others.

Have a loving and peaceful Thanksgiving.

-Eric Rhoads from his blog Sunday Coffee with Eric Rhoads