Amor Fati Love Your Fate

Flower taken with Iphone 6+ and unknown app

When trouble comes knocking, how do you respond? Are you bowled over or do you rise to the challenge?

It is easy to get down, depressed, angry, unresponsive even, when we are hit with something so unexpected and horrific that it literally knocks us down.

But when trouble comes to your door, rise to the challenge.

James Garfield, our 20th president famously said, “Of course I deprecate war, but if brought to my door, the bringer will find me home.”

What is coming to your door? Illness, bankruptcy, divorce, this pandemic, can completely devastate us not to mention wiping out our financial security.

No one enjoys being cheated on by a business partner. Who likes finding out that they have cancer and need expensive chemotherapy just to live for three more years? I don’t know many people who were happy when their job shut down because of the pandemic. Or are losing their family home to foreclosure.

The question is not whether these things will happen – because they will – but whether you will embrace the opportunity by giving the performance of a lifetime.