IColorama S App Users, Listen Up

Iphone 6plus with Icolorama S app.

Hello Dear Friends,

This is some important news about the IColorama S app paid Iphone version. If you have the paid Iphone version, you will need to download the new version NOW.

It only applies to you if you have an iphone and the paid version of the app.

If so, you have until September 11, 2020 – this Friday – to get the free upgrade for IColorama S on your phone.

The Process:

1. Get your login and password handy for the App Store/ITunes purchase. It will not cost you anything but you have to go through the purchase process.

2. Open IColorama S and import any photo and press the SAVE button. Save with any setting or PNG. You might have to hit SAVE twice to get it to save as a PNG.

3. Repeat this three times to finally get the popup UNLOCK FOREVER.

4. Select BUY NOW. It won’t cost you anything.

5. Close the app out. Re-open and test it to make sure it will save your images properly.

Voila! But do it before this Friday remember.

Happy shooting!